ANA's Dan Jaffe on Why TV Is Taking a Beating in White House Race

  • 03/18/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: Ad Age
ANA's Dan Jaffe on Why TV Is Taking a Beating in White House Race
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The Association of National Advertiser's top lobbyist Dan Jaffe, says the more than $320 million spent on television advertising so far in the race to the White House has failed to pack much of a punch.

A main reason political advertising has fallen flat? GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been better than anyone at using social media and earned media -- news and commentary about his campaign in newspapers and magazines -- to promote himself.

The media tracking firm mediaQuant estimated Mr. Trump has earned nearly $2 billion in earned media attention, dwarfing his Republican competitors. Meanwhile the billionaire developer has spent the least -- about $10 million on TV ads.

"He has created some new innovations that will be studied by all future candidates," Mr. Jaffe said.

The advertising industry lobbyist talked to Advertising Age about the failings of political ads in the race for the White House.
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