Are You Advertising For The Competition?

  • 08/24/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
Are You Advertising For The Competition?
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What's left of your business if you remove you? If you were to go to your website, collateral or even your personal sales pitch and remove everything that counted as personal branding, what would be left? Your beautiful logo, carefully selected corporate colors and masterfully designed UX and interface, all gone. What is left of your message?

I think you'll notice what most businesses do: Most of their messaging is advertising for their industry, not them. It's extolling the need for the service category they provide. In fact, much of their own sales material could be (and is being) copied and pasted from their own collateral and pasted into their competitors without so much as a modified pronoun.

Their message doesn't explain why they're valuable. Their message merely sells their potential clients and customers on the problem but does little to extol why they are the solution.

A friend and colleague at a large agency once said: "If you can't tell me how your company is different than everyone else in your space, then I don't care anything about you. But don't worry; if that sounds harsh I'm only speaking the mind of everyone who will come in contact with your brand."

Brand agility, dynamic UX and interface, an aggressive and automated marketing plan, cute branded mascots and the inside track on every major competitor in town are all powerful but do not replace genuine brand differentiation. Who are you? And why do I care?
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