Brands Must Prepare For Advertising In A Cookie-Less World

 Brands Must Prepare For Advertising In A Cookie-Less World
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The death of cookies is beginning to have real impacts for brands, publishers and everyone in between. Ultimately, it will reshape the entire advertising ecosystem and the way in which brands engage with customers.

In recent years, data breaches, geopolitical election interference and cyberattacks have accelerated new data privacy legislation, including the EU’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. These new regulations restrict how brands and technology providers collect and use consumer data, further limiting advertising capabilities.

In an online environment now transformed by privacy regulations, brands must rethink how they acquire and activate customer data – and take steps now to prepare for advertising in a cookie-less future.

Provide value to users in exchange for their data

Brands need to proactively incentivize user authentication and provide value in exchange for data. By engaging users to authenticate on websites or mobile applications, brands will become less reliant on cookies to track users across sessions and devices within their brand environment. Cross-device tracking can be enabled by assigning consumers unique IDs upon authentication. Brands can then establish a foundation for building a complete picture of customer preferences to understand when, where and how customers interact with brands.
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