Case Study: Fire McCarthy

  • Friday, October 9, 2015
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The Challenge:
After John Boehner’s surprise resignation from Congress and the Speakership of the House, the GOP Establishment assumed they would fill the position with one of their own. Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California and House Majority Leader, was tabbed by much of the establishment class as the most likely to succeed Boehner, given their similar voting records and values. It was inevitable and conservatives and liberterians would have to once again sit on the they thought.
Our Action:
The Constitutional Rights PAC built the Coalition which represented the first opposition to Kevin McCarthy’s coronation for the Speaker of the House. Our coalition began by igniting a media blitz that grew our visibility and support, gaining notoriety on national platforms such as the The Wasington Examiner, USA Today, and the Fiscal Times. We amassed thousands of signers and sent hundreds of faxes, all from the grassroots urging members of Congress to rethink Kevin McCarthy for speaker who was being presented to them as inevitable. We employed a cutting edge public relations strategy, social media engagament strategy, and targeted email marketing strategy to ignite the grassfire.
The Result:
On October 8th, 2015, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy officially removed himself from consideration for Speaker of the House of Representatives. After the tumultuous speakership of Boehner, and an avalanche of disapproval and pressure from grassroots activists, he decided he was not the man to lead House republicans and was lacking the tools to effectively set a Constitutionally minded, conservative agenda. Political Media is proud of the thousands of supporters who made their voices heard through our petitions, faxes and campaigns, and were able to prove that our elected representatives are in Washington to listen to our voices and represent our wishes. 

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