Chatbots and social media: A match made in marketing heaven

Chatbots and social media: A match made in marketing heaven
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Today’s customer expectations can be tricky to deliver on. More and more, consumers want – and expect – personalization or tailored experiences designed with their preferences in mind. They also want to protect their privacy and prefer to be in control of the types of data that websites, apps, and the like collect about them. Not to mention the increase in privacy regulations from the federal level down to major players in data collection.

The silver lining, though, is that today’s customer actually prefers to tell you what they want, serving up even deeper data than some of the usual info that has become a marketing practice to collect. In fact, 89 percent of consumers want to connect with brands using messaging. Armed with the right tool to scale your conversation capabilities, this method – called conversational marketing automation – can boost lead acquisition, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience (and thus, brand loyalty). 
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