Club for Growth Bashes Trump With $1 Million in Ads Over One Week

  • 03/29/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: Ad Age
Club for Growth Bashes Trump With $1 Million in Ads Over One Week
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Club for Growth is backing its March 23 endorsement of Republican Ted Cruz with serious ad spending. Within the past week, the anti-tax group has plunked down more than $1 million for digital and TV ads to back Mr. Cruz in the April 5 Wisconsin primary. The main message: A vote for Mr. Cruz is the only way to defeat Donald Trump.

"Only Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump," a male voiceover says in a new Club for Growth spot titled "Math." The ad uses classroom chalkboard imagery to argue that the delegate counts so far mean voting for Ohio Governor John Kasich -- the only remaining GOP candidate other than Mr. Cruz or Mr. Trump -- will only help Mr. Trump.

"John Kasich can't do it. The math won't work," notes the ad, which shows Mr. Trump at 739 delegates, Mr. Cruz at 465 and Mr. Kasich at 143. "A vote for Kasich actually helps Trump by dividing the opposition. It's time to put differences aside. To stop Trump vote for Cruz."

Politico's Delegate Tracker reports the same delegate numbers for the candidates. It remains unclear what will become of the 171 delegates gathered by Marco Rubio, now out of the race.

Ad Age reported last week that anti-Trump advertising had stalled out, based on numbers through March 24. The Club for Growth outlay suggests that may have only been a slowdown or lull.
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