Content Marketing Trends – Is Your Business Chasing the Wrong Ball?

Content Marketing Trends – Is Your Business Chasing the Wrong Ball?
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I don’t know about you, but I get inundated with people pitching me online. It’s something I call the connect and pitch. Somebody connects with you and they may wait a week or they may just jump right in and ask, “How are you doing?” You know it’s coming and then boom, they hit you up and they try to sell you what they have.

Somebody hit me up on a Sunday afternoon and said, “Hey, you got a minute for a quick question?” I went, “Sure.” He seemed confused then I answered him what sure meant. So finally I said, “Yes, I have a minute for a quick question.” And his question was, “I’m running a free workshop for impact-driven coaches coming up on the 1st of October. And you seem to be into impact and purpose as well. I’ll be teaching you how to raise your prices and scale to six, seven figures with emotional brand intelligence and omnipresent marketing. Want to join us?”

My response was, “Hey, I have a coach who already doubled my business. Do you need any help with your marketing for that event? I get my clients 10 times the return on their marketing investment. What do you do?”
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