Cross-Device Offers Political Advertisers Great Promise – And Significant Challenges

Cross-Device Offers Political Advertisers Great Promise – And Significant Challenges
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The 2016 election promises to be exciting not only in politics, but also in the world of advertising. For the first time, mobile and multidevice political advertising will play a significant part in the advertiser media mix.

Historically, political campaigns were challenging because of lack of ability to precisely target registered, prospective and on-the-fence voters. But in the 2016 election, candidates will be able to reach voters with more relevant and engaging campaigns, due to advancements in advertising technology and user identification.

While significant developments have been made in deterministic and probabilistic user identification, however, the industry still needs to conquer measurement, privacy and other challenges before it can realize the full potential of cross-device for political advertising.

Historical Challenges Of Election Campaigns

Political views are deeply ingrained. In recent years, scientific thinking has emerged that a person’s political views are in direct correlation to a person’s personality or genetics. Therefore, targeting users on-message in a political campaign is more important than ever. Failing to deliver political ads with pinpoint precision can create wasted ad spend and campaigns that are at best irrelevant, and at worst laughable.
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