Digital Billboards Open-up Advertising To Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, And Cryptocurrency

  • 04/19/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
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The 1960s. Madison Avenue. Don Draper and his crew of alpha males all trying to innovate and stay atop the cutthroat world of advertising. These stories of advertising greatness have been played out in AMC’s award-winning drama series Mad Men.

But the glory days of advertising have come and gone, yet the space has never been more significant, more influential, and powerful. Advertising is one of the biggest industries in the world and accounts for a lot of influence and direction.

Advertising can stay up to date and on the cutting edge, evolving at every turn; that is what has helped it explode exponentially since the 60s. But, that growth and explosion is not organic or without its hard work.

The evolution of advertising is at a critical stage currently as digital advertising is coming more and more to the fore. However lingering evidence of less effective styles of advertising still persist. Print and Newspaper ads are being replaced by website advertising, TV advertising has taken to Youtube and other online video platforms, and even the good old billboard has had an upgrade.

It is interesting to take the billboard example as evidence of an evolving advertising space, and to see how digitalisation of this has managed to open up the doors to blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, IoT and other nascent technologies to push the envelope of advertising.
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