E-Commerce Guidance For The Continued Covid-19 Storm

  • 01/04/2021 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
E-Commerce Guidance For The Continued Covid-19 Storm
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For those of you keeping score at home, we are getting closer to the one-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic (declared officially on March 11, 2020), and we are finally clear of one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record (thanks, 2020).

As a Floridian, I think a hurricane might be the best metaphor I can come up with for what's blown across the e-commerce and digital marketing landscape over the past year. Everything has changed, particularly how we shop — and how much we shop — online. Consumers have largely shifted their attention and spending to digital channels. It's a buyer's market, and it's all about how consumers engage with brands, as so many brands are competing for their dollars, especially because we are apparently in the thick of a third wave of Covid-19 cases.

If we’re sticking with the hurricane analogy, this storm continues to pack quite a punch, despite the rollout of vaccines, which has gratefully begun. Here are a few things I recommend if you want to keep weathering the storm:
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