Email Marketing Campaign Lands Famous CEO from Fortune 500

Email Marketing Campaign Lands Famous CEO from Fortune 500
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Many enterprise sales executives and VP of sales desire to do business with Fortune 500 companies. They are top industry leaders with ever expanding budgets in the millions. Hard accounts to crack into, except for one strategic-thinking Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). A highly-personalized email marketing campaign caught the attention and reply of the 8th-ranked CEO on the Fortune 500 list.

"Corporate clients often ask me what is the best email marketing campaign to target Fortune 500 CEOs and other high powered executive decision-makers to increase corporate sales. My response is always the same. You have to be different to catch their attention," said Marty Stewart, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Campaign Writer, and Host of Inside Sales TV.

"Three key things you need to even have a shot. Find email addresses of your targets, write an attention getting subject line, and make the email highly personalized. You need to come across as completely different than the hundreds of emails they may receive each week," continued Stewart.
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