Email Marketing Tips and Statistics to Step Up Your Game

  • 07/26/2021 12:00 AM
  • Source: JCK
Email Marketing Tips and Statistics to Step Up Your Game
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With all the changes happening in social media—new users trying out TikTok, Clubhouse (briefly?) making waves, Instagram moving toward more video—it’s important for retailers to maintain a steady presence in a place customers can rely on. Though for many that means their own website, there’s still one superimportant tool that can get customers to visit those sites: the marketing email.

Email marketing is crucial for reaching customers with news or telling them about sales or added collections—whatever it is you want to share. Because while an Instagram announcement of a sale will certainly drive traffic, it won’t reach everyone, even those who spend loads of time on the app (algorithms make sure of that). An email, however, is almost certain to go to every inbox on your list, though of course not everyone who receives it will open it.

A recent infographic from Email Tool Tester, a service that compares email marketing services, can get your email marketing game up to par. I’ve picked out some helpful facts and tips for a quick glance (but if you’re interested, you can see the infographic and a report on email marketing statistics in its entirety, here).
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