Email Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2022

Email Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2022
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Plans can always change, which is a thing many businesses learned due to the epidemic that hit the world in 2020. Staying ahead of the competition is only possible when you are aware of the latest projections and trends. This is true in any form of marketing, including email marketing.

Initially, emails were just plain text. Nowadays, they can be a part of a really complex marketing strategy using advanced email marketing tools and innovative technology like machine learning. In order to better prepare for 2022, here are the main email marketing trends to be aware of.

The Inclusion Of User-Generated Content

This is a very simple way to increase the organic traffic you obtain from email marketing and helps a lot in converting more clients. The list’s users are going to trust the company more when they notice positive customer feedback, which boosts the chances of turning someone from a prospective customer to a paying one.
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