Facebook to Boost Ad Spending as It Tries to Restore Reputation

Facebook to Boost Ad Spending as It Tries to Restore Reputation
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Facebook Inc. said it is ramping up its global advertising spending as it aims to rebuild trust after a series of privacy missteps and other controversies dented the social-networking giant’s reputation.

The push, which Facebook marketing chief Antonio Lucio said could more than double the company’s advertising spending, will involve working with a revamped roster of creative agencies on campaigns for brands including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Mr. Lucio said the Menlo Park, Calif., firm has been tarred by election interference and misinformation on Facebook as well criticism of its privacy and data management.

“There’s no question we made mistakes and we’re in the process of addressing them one after the other, but we have to tell that story to the world on the trust side as well as on the value side,” Mr. Lucio said.

Facebook has already begun its effort to rebuild trust with consumers, according to Mr. Lucio. The company recently redesigned its mobile app and website to shift from an open public forum to a more private network with encrypted communication in closed groups. Last year it aired an expensive apology ad campaign to repair its image among people upset about the proliferation of fake news on Facebook and Russia’s use of the platform as it tried to influence the U.S. election.
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