Five Ways To Improve Your Social Video Advertising

  • 01/17/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
Five Ways To Improve Your Social Video Advertising
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According to a prediction by eMarketer, “Advertisers’ increasing spend will push mobile’s share of total media to 47.9% by 2022.” But despite mobile's position as one of the most prevalent mediums in our personal lives, creative execution on mobile is often an afterthought.

Television has been described as the “lean-back” medium. Consumers watch TV for relaxation in the privacy and comfort of their homes. With the rise of mobile platforms, the prevalence of video content and an increase in social ecosystems, a new mindset and context for consumption has been introduced.

YouTube, for example, is a destination channel -- viewers arrive active, often seeking specific content -- and Facebook is a more intimate environment. Mobile users check their phones numerous times daily, but the content they see often doesn’t garner much attention before disappearing and becoming irrelevant. This is non-linear media consumption.

Why are many advertisers dead set on recycling TV creatives for social channels? In my opinion, social advertising requires strategies of its own.

Identifying Social Media Video Advertising Success Factors

My company, Zappi, sought to understand the impact of creative quality on ads’ in-market performance on the Facebook mobile newsfeed. In total, 20 Facebook video ads were tested using a trademarked copy testing methodology. Research participants were exposed to the test ads directly within their Facebook newsfeeds. A number of other qualitative creative factors and behavioral metrics were considered: the presence of sound, type of message, timing until branding reveal and elements of surprise and humor.
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