Getting The Action Out Of An Email CTA

Getting The Action Out Of An Email CTA
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While there’s a growing volume of spam cluttering inboxes, email marketing and communication is still a highly effective tool for campaigns.

It has, however, become more difficult to reach voters through email. Still, those who can do it, and do it well, will be handsomely rewarded. In campaigns, the only email that really matters is the call to action (CTA). Here are a few pointers on how to make the most out of your CTA effort.

Subject Lines Are Everything

The success of all CTA campaigns is predicated on the subject line. If your subject line fails to connect, then the email is never opened, and subsequently no action is taken. A solid subject line must do two things. First, it must evoke an emotion powerful enough to compel the reader to open the email. Second, it should tell the reader exactly what the reader would find in the email. In other words, what the call to action is.

The first part is tricky the one. You can use fonts, exclamation marks, spaces and creative copy to make this happen. But don’t overdo it. Some of the more common tactics are creating a sense of urgency — the kids call it FOMO (fear of missing out) — and personalization.

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