How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing
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Privacy is the issue on most people’s minds these days when it comes to technology, and companies are responding by giving users more control over their data. While consumers see these recent changes as beneficial, marketers are more than a little concerned. That is because these changes are on course to alter the foundation upon which virtually all digital marketing is based. While there is a future for email marketing, hoteliers need to be aware of what is happening so that they can adjust their strategies accordingly. In fact, hotels that prepare properly can get ahead of the competition and use this as a way to get back to the core of hospitality — creating meaningful relationships with their guests.

What’s happening

Apple is leading the charge on giving users more control over how their data is shared. The company’s upcoming iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey updates include a Mail Privacy Protection feature, which will mask the user’s IP address and prevent marketers from knowing if and when their emails were opened. Apple is also planning to introduce a Hide My Email feature, which enables users to create proxy email addresses instead of sharing their primary address. These proxy addresses forward messages to the main inbox and can be fully controlled by the user. The effect is similar to Gmail’s Promotions tab, which collects emails that are identified as marketing messages by the algorithm.
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