How to Fight Back Against Data Broker Advertising on Facebook

How to Fight Back Against Data Broker Advertising on Facebook
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Facebook users now have even more control over how Facebook and its advertisers use their personal data.

Facebook has become more transparent about how targeted ads work on its service, and (slowly) added new options that let users tailor their ad experience. Now, the company is letting users see which data broker and advertising agencies’ lists they’re on, and it’s giving users an easier way to opt out of advertising campaigns related to this targeting.

How to see which data brokers have you on their lists

You can now find a list of all the advertisers that have shared and used your personal data—like your email address, phone number, and browsing data—to find and send you targeted Facebook ads over the past 90 days.

On mobile, click the hamburger icon and go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Ad Preferences > Advertisers and Businesses. (On desktop, just go to this site to find the “Advertisers and Businesses” section.)
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