How to Promote Your Content – 4 Strategies

How to Promote Your Content – 4 Strategies
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Got a feeling your content isn’t making the impact you expected? You wouldn’t be the only one. Creating content for marketing is just half the task. For your content to be truly effective, people need to see and read it. In short: you need visibility. Luckily, you don’t need to be a social media guru to succeed. Here are 4 easy ways to give your content the visibility it deserves and make it stand out in a crowded space.

1. Earned, owned & paid channels

Before you start thinking about promoting content, you should familiarize yourself with this important triad: earned, owned & paid. Owned media is platforms you own, for example, your blog – you determine what gets published here. Paid is a channel where you pay to place content, generally, when you place ads, display ads, pay-per-click, etc. Finally, earned media is when the customers themselves promote your content, so someone writes about you, reviews your services, reposts, or shares the content that you created.

When smaller companies engage in content marketing, they tend to focus on owned and sometimes earned media. In this article, we’ll focus on showing you how you leverage your owned media to create some earned media. In other words, creating your own content but then working it, so that customers and partners expand your reach and do some of your work for you. Don’t overlook paid media, though. It’s not dead; in fact, it’s often used to drive extra growth during key periods for engagement and can be a great accelerator to give owned content even more visibility, while you fully control where it gets shared.
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