Howard Dean Wins The iVote Internet Primary

  • Tuesday, February 3, 2004
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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Howard Dean Wins The iVote Internet Primary

WASHINGTON, Feb, 03 2004— On the day where just seven states will ordain the Democratic Presidential Frontrunner or perhaps even the Nominee, over 129,000 ivoters proclaim Howard Dean the Official Internet Primary winner with nearly 20% of the ivote.

The Official Internet Primary hosted on invited Internet Voters to participate in a non-sanctioned protest vote to demonstrate the flawed, undemocratic nature of the nation's current presidential primary process. The current primary process virtually empowers Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Super Tuesday states to unilaterally select the presidential nominee.

Larry Ward, the architect of the iVote Internet Primary is calling for a National Primary in 2008. “Each state must have an equal opportunity to vote for the Presidential Nominee.” Ward said. “If the first two states voted in the current primary system had been North and South Carolina it is likely John Edwards would be the frontrunner today. There should be no home field advantage in Presidential Politics. Every state must have an equal voice.”

Over 129,000 Internet Voters support the idea of a National Primary.

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