Instagram Is Finally Opening Up Some of Its Best Advertising Real Estate

Instagram Is Finally Opening Up Some of Its Best Advertising Real Estate
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Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is starting to "explore" new options for ads on Instagram. The subsidiary announced on Wednesday that it's going to expand advertisements to the Explore tab in its app, the section where users go to discover new content from accounts they don't already follow. More than half of Instagram's billion users visit the section every month.

The decision follows Facebook CFO Dave Wehner telling analysts there's not much room to increase ad impressions in the core Instagram feed earlier this year. Meanwhile, the company is working to grow ad spend on Stories, which have become a massive source of audience engagement.

But while Stories require a significant adjustment, ads in Explore can work with similar formats and creatives as ads in the feed. On top of that, Explore can offer advertisers a lot more value by enabling businesses to reach potential customers when they're most receptive to their message.

2 reasons Explore ads could be so valuable

Users go to the Explore tab when they're looking for something new. That behavior in and of itself ought to make businesses salivate at the possibility of advertising in that tab. Users will be most receptive to an advertiser's message when they're looking for something new.
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