Is the customer always right? Trump bashes Facebook but is its top advertising client

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President Trump spent $12.5 million on Facebook advertising during the past 15 months, making him the top political advertiser despite his frequent attacks on the platform for bias.

Although spending on the site is otherwise dominated by liberal causes, the Trump 2020 campaign generated as many as 2.8 billion ad impressions, enough for every American to see 12 paid-for adverts, according to analysis by CompariTech of Facebook’s own data.

The numbers give an insight into the Trump campaign’s approach to reelection, with Facebook money focused on the crucial swing state of Florida, as well as the older male voters who propelled him to power in 2016.

Paul Bischoff, the report’s author, said: “Florida ranked number one for Trump in ad spend, even though it wasn't in the top 10 for any other conservative cause. He was also the only major political advertiser to heavily target Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana — deeply red states.

“Other conservative advertisers focused on Iowa, Texas, and New Mexico.”
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