Keeping Your Down-Ballot Effort Alive During Presidential Primary Season

Keeping Your Down-Ballot Effort Alive During Presidential Primary Season
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We’re into the thick of presidential primary season when the political world and voters’ attention is aimed at the top of the ticket. If you’re a political junkie, you live for this time every four years. 

But too often for down-ballot campaigns the presidential primaries are an unavoidable distraction during the incredibly important first two quarters of an election year. Success in the early going is the foundation of any winning campaign, and you must find a way to limit these distractions. 

Avoiding the pitfalls of presidential primary season largely relies on finding a way to harness the momentum that the interest at the top of the ballot can create, while at the same time ensuring your message doesn’t get lost in all that noise. 

Use the Momentum 

Presidential primaries activate the party base and help shape a national political narrative that become part of the public consciousness throughout the presidential year. There are several ways to tap into this momentum on the local level. You should host debate watch parties at your campaign office in an effort to recruit volunteers for your budding field operation. 

Your field staff will thank you and your volunteers will be energized to carry your message to the voters. You can also use the primaries to your fundraising advantage. Focus your call time targets to donors who are partisan loyalists after a major debate or televised event. You may spend a few extra minutes on the phone, but as any good call time manager will tell you: conversation leads to collection.

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