Key Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out for 2021

Key Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out for 2021
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Despite the rise of omnichannel automation tools for marketing communication, Emails remain a Martech CMO’s most preferred mode of communication. In 2021, we are hoping to see Email marketing grow rapidly. The rise of chatbots and communication apps has been cited to be the ‘email killers’. This may not be entirely true.

As per reports, the global email users’ number was at 3.8 billion in 2018 and the number is expected to rise to 4.4 billion by 2023. The presence of such a large number of users enables marketers to target their audience in more powerful ways and drive their business goals. Let’s see what are the trends that marketers will follow to take Email Marketing to the next level.

Due to the COVID-19, brands have become hyper-sensitive against deploying the age-old email marketing tactics. Creative marketers are experimenting with COVID-proof messaging ideas to enhance their marketing outreach. Hyper-personalization is one way to create one-to-one marketing contact. Experts have ideated that hyper-personalization carries the potential to make a significant impact on customer experience. It focuses on imparting relevant product/service/content/ad information to the end-user. The primary goal is to deliver an experience that increases the chances of converting them on an offer.
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