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We often hear how impersonal the world has become. We text rather than talk. We interact online through social networks instead of in person. However, marketing and training are two areas that are actually trending more toward the personal side. Both have shown the positive results of personalization. Customers are responding with increased sales and brand loyalty, while learners are showing higher engagement and knowledge retention. Companies are responding by innovating ways to meet the needs of their audiences on a more personal level.

Personalization isn’t a new concept. For decades, advertising has been geared toward specific audiences. Ads show products in ways that appeal to specific customer demographics. Messaging can be tailored to a publication’s audience. Digital ads are presented based on online behaviors and searches. All of these are examples of personalization.

Companies use personalization to build strong ties with customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. It has the power to improve the customer experience by making people’s lives easier. Filters on shopping sites allow customers to find the right product by personalizing the results based on color, size, style, brand and more. Personalization also makes it easier to find information. For example, Google considers a user’s location and previous searches to deliver the most accurate results.

Amazon is an industry leader in personalization. Anyone who has shopped the retail giant knows it recommends products based on past purchases and items viewed, and presents similar items that others have purchased. The company uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and a team of specialists to continually refine and personalize the experience it delivers to shoppers.

While personalization requires an investment in people, data and technology, it has shown a significantly positive return on investment. According to a study by Infosys, 86% of shoppers said personalization had at least some impact on what they purchased. The study also showed 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on their decision to purchase.
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