Make mobile advertising easier, please

Make mobile advertising easier, please
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If you’re a mobile app developer today, you face a vast, LUMA-like ocean of choices when it comes to how you will make money.

While that appears to be a good thing — better than too few, right? — it’s difficult to land on a monetization strategy that will maximize your revenue while still meeting the needs of your users. Whether it’s in-app purchases, different ad formats and flow types, or a combination of both, publishers are looking for that Holy Grail that will maximize revenue but also boost engagement, decrease churn, and increase the lifetime value of its users.

To achieve this ideal combination, mobile publishers must choose an ad partner who can deliver — an ad network that is easy to integrate and manage, while at the same time provide competitive fill rates and revenue. These days, however, one of the most important factors is how much of a “white glove” approach they are capable of and willing to take.

As Brian Truman, the head of digital ad monetization at GSN Games, observes:

“Ad monetization is complex, and we as publishers are looking at user behavior and data every day. We want the best experience for our users. And things do go wrong; ads can cause crashes, or a third-party releases a new technology and the ad experience changes. When that happens — because it will — you need an ad partner that will respond quickly, that will do their diligence and get to the root of the problem, and then fix it. You need a partner that demonstrates that they care just as much as you do about your user’s experience.”
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