Making Downloadable Advertising Work

  • 05/30/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
Making Downloadable Advertising Work
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As someone who spends a greater than average amount of time on planes and trains, the ability to download television shows has been a big plus for me. I’ve been thrilled that services like Netflix, Showtime, Amazon and CBS All Access have made their shows available to subscribers to download for free. It’s a quick and easy process and I even bought myself a Kindle tablet on the cheap during one of Amazon’s frequent sales just to use as a downloaded TV viewing device.

While HBO seems to be the main holdout among the ad-free subscription services, there are a number of ad-supported services whose programming I’d definitely watch on a road trip.

And though many of them have previously been held up by the inability to run any sort of advertising on downloaded programs, a new solution from Penthera, a software firm that specializes in download and OTT viewing solutions, appears to have solved that crucial problem.

While technologically complex, Penthera’s ad-supported platform is surprisingly simple to understand.

The first time the viewer downloads the show, the current ad load, which is supplied by ad-serving companies, is downloaded along with it. They can take into account which targeted or addressable ads the viewer will see based on demographics, location and previous purchase patterns.
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