Microsoft Advertising is no longer just chasing parity with Google Ads – it’s building unique ads features

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The ads engineering team at Microsoft has long been focused on bringing parity to Google Ads. While that still remains a focus, there has recently been an accelerated push to develop and release product differentiators – features that Google Ads doesn’t offer.

Vaishali De, a group product manager at Microsoft (who will also be keynoting at SMX Advanced in June), provided a product roadmap update to agency marketers at the Microsoft Advertising Partner Summit in Seattle this week. She highlighted many of these differentiators.

By my count, there are currently 10 product features available or in pilot that are only offered in Microsoft Advertising (the new name for the Bing Ads brand which retired Monday). We’ve rounded them up here.

Current product differentiators in pilot or available in Microsoft Advertising:

Ad customizers by audience: In addition to being able to customize ads by keyword, location, ad group or campaign, advertisers can apply ad customizers by audience.
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