Mobile Developers: In-App Advertising Generating More Cash Than Ever

Mobile Developers: In-App Advertising Generating More Cash Than Ever
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If you’re a mobile developer, and you’re currently on the fence over whether to integrate in-app advertising into your latest app, App Annie has some interesting data for you.

In its predictions for 2019, App Annie suggested that 60 percent more apps will leverage in-app advertising over the next 12 months, and with good reason: “In 2018, mobile will account for 62 percent of global digital ad spend, representing $155 billion, up from 50 percent in 2017. In the US, mobile surpassed TV ad spend.”

Last year, the group continued, the top downloaded apps “advertised across 35 percent more ad platforms and leveraged 170 percent more ad creatives than in 2017—meaning app marketers were employing more robust targeting and testing strategies.” Games on iOS, meanwhile, utilized “10 percent more ad platforms and 20 percent more creatives.”

When used correctly, in other words, mobile advertising is apparently a goldmine for developers. Emphasis, of course, on “correctly.”

Advertising isn’t the only thing slated to grow this year: overall consumer spend on mobile apps should surpass $122 billion, should App Annie prove correct. Much of that growth will be driven by China and emerging markets, with subscriptions playing a huge part of actual spend.
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