New Book Lifts the Veil on Amazon Advertising, revealing the secrets to Expand Your Brand Both Online and Offline

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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising, reveals everything brands need to know to successfully use Amazon Ads to reach an audience of 310 million Amazon customers…and growing.

Amazon advertising is one of the fastest-growing, most powerful marketing platforms available in the digital ad space, but success is more complicated than simply creating a campaign, with options like Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Stores and a long list of other features that can be difficult for marketers to master without expert help.

Timothy P. Seward shares nearly two decades of expertise in retail and ecommerce in his new book, the Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising. The book provides readers with a clear, concise look at how to advertise on Amazon, detailing how to use Amazon ads to build an aggressive, streamlined campaign, increase search visibility, consistently capture consumer demand, and accelerate new product sales—all without the headaches and expense of a big-budget national ad campaign.

“The truth is,” Seward explains, “if you don’t have a team of experts in place, it can seem incredibly daunting to create and optimize your campaigns to get your best results. That’s why I wrote this book.”

In order to demystify the process, Seward explains how brands can:
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