Retailers Build Better Customer Engagement With Text Messaging

  • 12/27/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
Retailers Build Better Customer Engagement With Text Messaging
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Retailers and brands have focused on real-time communications to customers in order to provide a better consumer experience. According to a Deloitte study, brands at the forefront of real-time engagement with customers are not only increasing the speed of their reaction time, but they are also fundamentally shifting the culture and organizational structure to support real-time customer engagement.

An area of concentrated effort during the pandemic, when many customers are focused on contactless shopping environments, is SMS (short text messaging) technology. While SMS is one of the oldest texting technologies (limited to 160 characters and no images), it is widely used by retailers and brands to connect directly with customers. 

Jeremy Goldman, principal analyst of eMarketer, in a recent podcast discusses the growth of SMS marketing, stating that many brands are moving towards more text messaging and migrating from email to SMS to reach customers where they are in the shopping journey. Goldman said about SMS, β€œIt is one of the best ways to reach customers.”
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