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PMI is an industry leader in web development and design and we pride ourselves in creating the best possible online experience for end users and clients. With our attention to design, branding, messaging, and data management, our custom sites offer the most appealing web platform available today for your cause or candidate. By truly understanding our clients, we tailor their site to include the best possible mix of content, customer relationship management, donation hosting, and calls to action. Our state of the art Structure CMS platform will stand as one of the most powerful and useful web content tools on the market today, available only through Political Media. PMI is one of the premier online conservative strategy groups today, and our commitment to effective web strategy is the keystone of our excellence.


A strong, personal connection between the client and their (intended) audience is paramount; and in today’s media landscape, it has become necessary to have a strong social media presence to keep your community engaged. PMI offers a targeted social media voice that is consistent with your message and morals, and offers it across all social media platforms, integrating the viral exposure we bring into your more traditional web and media content. Our responsive mobile designs accommodate any mobile platform with no loss of system performance. We strive not only to find and communicate with your constituency, but to grow each social media platform’s reach with proven acquisition strategy. Our commitment to effective and efficient media practices, combined with our tradition of creativity and unique content, keeps Political Media at the forefront of the political social world.


You need to get the message out to the people who matter and our email specialists work tirelessly to deliver the most effective brand-specific content. Our combination of precision targeting and message personalization keep our emails among the highest in click rate and engagement. Political Media is also proud to offer our Ecquire email strategy system, which allows you to speak directly to the most engaged and involved email subscribers in your database, building your ROI and engagement. We work to guarantee email delivery in our database, and keep our subscription rates at an industry high mark. With strong messaging and an eye for design, Political Media sets the standard for email service.


A cause or candidate can live and die by the news cycle, and PMI’s client base will have their issues managed, tracked and protected by our talented team. We will track the brand and industry with pinpoint precision, managing any negative stories and promoting the positive stories, and creating content to help inform and influence the issues and causes that matter to our clients.


Our full ad production services include a robust DRTV ad service. These brand and issue-specific ads drive voter and consumer actions far more effectively than traditional ads, and deliver an immediate ROI to your capital. Our experience and ability to track what is working and what is not will always allow PMI to stay at the forefront of this exciting media form.


Put your candidate, cause and brand in the ears of everyone with a radio, using Political Media’s full service radio program. We will create, produce, and disseminate your unique ad, targeted to the voters and influencers who matter, and keep your radio experience compatible to a further online experience for your campaigns’ needs.


If it doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work in today’s world. At PMI, we understand this basic concept, and ensure that all our messaging and content is fully integrated into any mobile end-user experience. All audio, video and web content that PMI creates for you will be mobile-ready across all major platforms, including phone, tablet and laptop services.


PMI is home to a post-production political video studio that is available for all of our candidates campaign video needs. We will write, shoot, edit and produce a full campaign-specific ad series that puts your brand and campaigns morals and priorities first. Once produced, we use that content to further your brand image across our media platforms, bringing it to the consumers with precision targeting of your voter base. PMI-produced videos keep their high quality and voter relevance across any platform, device or medium, and always put our clients’ needs above anything else.


Campaigns and causes can be won or lost on the end of a phone, and PMI offers a robust phone network to complement our services. Our inbound and outbound phone network keeps communication flowing to and from your campaign, and our telemarketing and robocall teams are waiting to call the elected representatives and influencers when and where it matters most to further your cause. Expect a fully integrated IVR system that allows for a more efficient and effective call experience.

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