Study: Local TV is the Biggest Influencer of Voter Decisions

Study: Local TV is the Biggest Influencer of Voter Decisions
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The 2016 presidential campaign is in full swing, and with critical March primaries looming, the campaigns are pulling no punches either on the trail, in debates or on the airwaves. With a variety of media outlets and an assortment of candidates out there, knowing which advertising platform actually influences voters and moves them to cast their votes is essential to a winning campaign strategy.

Luckily, as voters consider the options, a new report has done the legwork for political strategists and it turns out that no other platform has more impact—or is more trusted—than broadcast television.

According to the new Voter Funnel study from GfK, which measured the actions taken as a result of being exposed to specific types of political advertising, television was the most influential medium—at every step—of the decision-making process.

By applying a consumer purchase funnel model to a sampling of voters from the November election, this study provided telling insights into the power of every type of advertising medium (TV, digital, print, billboards, direct mail, and radio) as voters went through a series of steps (awareness, interest, get more info, consider voting, vote) in evaluating and determining who would get their vote.

The results easily refute the hype that digital advertising will overtake TV as the most impactful political advertising medium. Instead, the results effectively demonstrate the power that TV, especially local broadcast TV, has on voters across all age groups.
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