Tech Firm Plans to Transform Advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Via Blockchain

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Paying for the ultimate result of an advertising campaign, and not just impressions or clicks, has always been the dream of advertisers. There have been attempts to solve this fundamental problem, but despite technological advancements, inefficiencies have remained. Fraud has been an issue, with underperforming publishers lacking of transparency,  which means that advertisers have been unable to guarantee whether their campaigns have reached the demographics they were promised.

Atayen Inc., a United States-based company that was founded in 2014 — and was, until recently, engaged in developing Facebook apps —  has proposed what they call an “oraclized” distributed application that acts as an “efficiency calculator” for ads placed across multiple venues.

Atayen has created a decentralized application based on the Smart Advertisement Transaction Token (SaTT), which means that the objectives of an ad are woven into a smart contract. The DApp independently measures the number of user interactions with advertising content, and as soon the goals agreed upon between the advertiser and publisher are met, the DApp releases the payment in SaTT to the publisher.

To achieve this, the DApp uses a plethora of external sources of data — or “oracles” — connected to various advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Transparency in ad sales

Gauthier Bros, Atayen’s co-founder, sees this app as a herald of the “transparency revolution”  in online advertising. According to him, this technology may provide a common basis for calculating advertising transactions payments. Bros argues that this improvement is beneficial for advertisers as well as for publishers. He says:
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