The New Role of the Modern Political Spouse

The New Role of the Modern Political Spouse
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Political spouses play many roles. They’re cheerleaders-in-chief. The candidate’s biggest fans and greatest moral supporters. Or sometimes the spouse is a political liability and a detriment to the candidate’s aspirations. 

At the highest levels, the political spouse is most often a woman, who, even if she’s a successful professional in her own right, must adopt a more traditional role for the campaign. Now, we’re seeing more husbands come into this role and Bill Clinton is providing a constructive example for other campaigns to follow.

The job description of political spouse isn’t an attractive one. It involves long hours on the campaign trail, staying at home with the kids to make sure “real life” continues while the campaign unfolds and always being on the receiving end of criticism for looks, what they’ve said and anything they do or have done.

Where do I sign up, right? Not exactly.

A political spouse often doesn’t get to select his or her lot in life. But they’re along for the ride, through the ups and the downs and sometimes they even play a role in creating those memorable moments on the campaign.

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