The Other Side Of Outdoor Advertising

The Other Side Of Outdoor Advertising
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A few weeks ago we wrote about how established startups like Brex and Eaze are using outdoor advertising to get attention from consumers who are overly saturated with online advertisements.

Now, let’s look at the other side of that story.The startups we talked to, including Brex, Eaze, and Snowflake, said that they think consumers are tired of Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Especially because you can scroll past them. So every company, these days, is looking for new ways to differentiate themselves

Therein lies the challenge: Bay Area companies must majorly rely on one key player within San Francisco, Clear Channel, if they want to use billboards. That’s a lot of power for one corporation. For a company like cannabis-delivery company Eaze, which relies on outdoor advertising as a necessary legal way for promotion, it’s the only option.

And where there is a challenge, there are often startups looking to step in. We decided to take a look at several companies helping outdoor advertising become more accessible.
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