Two Weeks That Will Define Campaigns' Relationship With Facebook

Two Weeks That Will Define Campaigns' Relationship With Facebook
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The campaign industry’s relationship to Facebook will be tested over the next two weeks as practitioners navigate the botched rollout of the platform’s pre-election ad regulations and then move into a post-election ad ban on the platform. 

On Tuesday, digital consultants found themselves scrambling to resolve Facebook outreach issues ranging from paused ads to turned off ads to approved ads that didn’t get the impressions necessary before the deadline, leaving those ads unable to run during the current restriction period. 

In many cases, the ads that were suddenly showing as being in violation of Facebook’s rules were ones that had followed all of the platform’s pre-blackout regulations. If ads were submitted before midnight on Monday and had received at least one impression before the deadline, they were supposed to be permitted to run in the period up to Election Day. 

In addition, the Trump campaign was able to get a number of new ads running post-Facebook’s deadline, including one that said “Election Day is Today” and another that appeared to be intended as a post-election ad to celebrate a Trump victory. The platform later said it would remove the ads that were in violation of its rules.  

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