Want to Advertise Your Business on Podcasts? Here's How to Get Started.

Want to Advertise Your Business on Podcasts? Here's How to Get Started.
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Everyone “knows” that sponsoring podcasts is, quite often, one of the most effective and easiest ways to launch a modern startup and set it on a fast-growth trajectory. Although podcast audience numbers are down slightly during the pandemic, most industry observers predict they will bounce back up once the stay-at-home orders are rescinded and commutes resume.

Podcasting is especially attractive for advertisers, since it enables distribution of content when the audiences want it, wherever they want it and in whatever platform they choose to consume it.

When plans are laid to launch a modern marketing campaign, spending money on podcasts is almost certainly going to be strongly considered. According to Triton Digital, a provider of technology for the podcast industry, there are more than 800,000 active podcasts available, with 54 million episodes. 

Taking those first few steps in this process can be simple: First, determine the audience profile that makes up your target market. Basic information to include their age range, gender, education, occupation, income level, family situation, geographic location, politics, hobbies and interests, etc. Then, identify the podcast distribution networks that represent which shows reach your target market, and work with those companies' sales personnel to help figure out which specific shows reach the best audience profile within the desired spend or budget.
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