Want To Target Millennial Males Via Advertising? Use Artificial Intelligence!

  • 04/12/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
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Millennial males have long been notorious for being difficult to reach via traditional advertising media. So it is with interest that I have been watching Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s efforts to target Millennial males ages 25-29 with a campaign called “Drink on the bright side,” an extension of a campaign that debuted in 2017. This year’s campaign, “The Brighter Times," focuses on how consuming Mike’s leads to brighter times by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. The spot shown below, titled “Birthday,” one of three that ran recently ran on digital and television, shows the beverage acting as the catalyst between two patio parties and leading to one unified, superior party.

In addition to the video ads, Mikes is using innovative promotional techniques, including Mike’s S(ad) Blocker, in which a one-day takeover of WashingtonPost.com took place in order to block negative news and direct readers to positive news on the site (see two examples below). The campaign was developed by media agency Wavemaker in conjunction with The Washington Post with support from creative agency Havas.

Going forward, the campaign will feature the following innovations which tap into artificial intelligence, community visibility and innovation in the digital space:

Joy Experiment Pop-up – A pop-up experience in New York City in June that uses facial and emotional recognition software on participants to demonstrate the positive impact of good news.

Bringing Brighter Times to Local News – In a small market takeover, Mike's identified North Platte, Nebraska to receive its own customized happy news. The brand will show appreciate for North Platte by "interrupting" local news programming to deliver ad spots in the form of good news happening around the town.
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