What impact will 5G have on marketing and advertising?

What impact will 5G have on marketing and advertising?
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The coming of next-gen 5G wireless transmission will be a big deal for marketers.

That’s the view of Alex Hertel, CEO of experiential marketing firm Xperiel, adding that this new level of wireless speed will erase the differences between online and offline. Many other marketers agree.

5G rolls out this year

5G is gearing up to launch later this year. According to mobile component maker Qualcomm, nearly two dozen wireless carriers will begin launching 5G services in 2019, including all the major carriers in the US, and eighteen Qualcomm-using device makers are releasing 5G mobile models.

Verizon has launched a 5G-enabled home broadband service, AT&T has started 5G service in a dozen cities, and 5G networks are expected to be available by mid-2019.
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