What We Learned From Marketing To 2 Million Teenagers

What We Learned From Marketing To 2 Million Teenagers
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The Fresh Prince was right: parents just don’t understand. When I was a teenager, all I wanted was to be treated and respected like an adult. No one “got me.”

Fast forward to adult life, and I don’t know what all that teenage angst was about, or what I so badly wanted people to “get.” Alas, that’s the teenage mind.

Stepping back into that colorful, emotional mindset as an adult is challenging, but if you’re a marketer whose product or service targets teenagers, it’s necessary.

As a marketing manager at a messenger company, I dove right back into the world of Justin Bieber and teen fashion magazines to connect with my target audience. Marketing to teenagers is a labor of love.

How do I get two million teen girls to download my app?
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