Why Rick Perry's Presidential Campaign Is Fumbling For Cash

Why Rick Perry's Presidential Campaign Is Fumbling For Cash
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Already considered among the walking wounded politically, Rick Perry startled the Texas political world on Tuesday when it became clear that his presidential campaign is in serious financial trouble.

This is the man who dominated state politics — and drew deeply from the pockets of Texas donors — for 15 years. He raised $17 million in the first seven weeks of his ill-fated 2012 presidential campaign, but almost four years to the day later couldn’t make payroll on his second presidential bid.

Like nearly everything else about the former governor's campaign, wooing donors is proving far more difficult the second time around.

July and August are notoriously hard months to raise campaign money. But a source close to the Perry campaign said his failure to make last week’s Fox News prime-time debate weighed on campaign fundraising.

Perry’s return to the debate stage was supposed to prove what is known on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina: that Perry is a much-improved candidate since his disastrous “Oops” moment in a 2011 GOP debate.
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