Will advertisers ever learn from YouTube advertising scandals?

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Advertisers are once again pausing their YouTube ad buys following a report that pre-roll ads have been appearing on videos of children that have become popular with pedophiles.

According to Wired UK, which conducted its own investigation following an exposé by a popular vlogger, some of the videos individually have millions of views. Disturbingly widespread pedophile activity is apparent in the comment sections associated with these videos.

In response to Wired UK’s report, AT&T, Disney, Nestlé, Epic Games and a growing number of other brands have halted their YouTube ad campaigns and are demanding that the Google-owned video service explain itself.

A spokesperson for software maker Grammarly, which advertises extensively on YouTube, told the New York Times, “When we learned of this issue, we were — and still are — absolutely horrified and reached out to YouTube to rectify this immediately. We have a strict policy against advertising alongside harmful or offensive content and would never knowingly associate ourselves with channels like this. It goes against everything our company stands for.”

Fool me once…

Advertisers like Grammarly have every reason to be disturbed by the latest YouTube scandal – the nature of the activity described is disturbing.
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