Case Study: Gov. Mike Huckabee's 2002 Re-election Effort

  • 11/05/2002 12:00 AM
Case Study: Gov. Mike Huckabee's 2002 Re-election Effort
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The Challenge:
Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was trailing in the polls with weeks to go in his 2002 re-election effort. He turned to Dick Morris and Political Media to help him reach out to voters and win another term.
Our Action:
Dick Morris composed compelling emails that emphasized Huckabee’s first-term highlights and Political Media launched a series of emails into the state. With each email deployment, Gov. Huckabee’s poll numbers were rising. Each email received over a 45% open rate
The Results:
Gov. Mike Huckabee won his re-election by over six percentage points. To this day, Gov. Huckabee credits our email strategy as a key component of his victory.

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