Case Study: Internet Freedom

  • Monday, March 2, 2015
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The Challenge:
The internet has been a bastion of free-enterprise and marketplace ingenuity, and it has been a service that has flourished without the clumsy hand of big government mucking up its agility. The Federal Communications Commissioner Tom Wheeler announced that he intended to introduce a set of regulations that would reclassify the internet from an “information service” to a “communications service”, thereby giving the FCC the power to control and regulate what has always served as an engine of opportunity and innovation. The Liberal left clamored for more unconstitutional federal control, while conservatives argued for the internet to remain a tool for the people, run as it had always been, without the headache of inefficiency and corruption that the FCC regulations would bring.
Our Action:
Political Media launched the “Say NO to the FCC Takeover” campaign, which ranks among one of the most prolific campaigns in the history of our fight against unconstitutional forces. With nearly 100,000 everyday Americans signing a petition in agreement, Constitutional Rights PAC made the will of the American people known to those who would seek to harm this country through more restrictive, burdensome regulation. We faxed their offices, we called their phones, and we boldly spread our message across the internet; The internet is the creation of, and the tool of, the people, not the big government and big business forces that would seek to own it as their own.
The Result:
The FCC, on February 26th, 2015, shoved through its sweeping regulations on an ideologically partisan 3-2 vote. With this unconstitutional action, they openly ignored the voices and wills of hundreds of thousands of American citizens who now must operate online in a less free, more restrictive governmental environment. We would like to be more specific as to which regulations we must now operate, but the FCC continues to unlawfully withhold their bill, so no one can see it. The fight to keep the internet free, fair, and unencumbered by the unsophisticated hand of the federal government continues, with the cries of the American people clear in their desire for what is right.

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