Case Study: Scott Wagner's Write-In Landslide Victory

  • Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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The Challenge:
The election was set in motion by the resignation of a sitting Republican senator. The GOP establishment decided to back state Representative Ron Miller. With the Pennsylvania primary already scheduled for May 20, it was assumed that Wagner would face off with Miller in the primary. Out of the blue, the state GOP conspired to hold a special election on March 18, the winner to take the seat immediately. Miller was quickly endorsed and an incensed Wagner left off the ballot. He could still run in the May primary, but would then be up against a sitting senator in the GOP leaning district. The only way Wagner could participate in the March election was as a write-in candidate. In other words, Wagner was supposed to be out — quite deliberately targeted by the Forces That Be.
Our Action:
Without much time or resources, Political Media relied on a strong, positive new media and email marketing campaign to counter the vicious personal attacks from the Republican Party establishment. We compiled the most comprehensive email list in the district and deployed message after message to the voters weeks before the special election informing them in order to elect a REAL conservative they would have to WRITE-IN Scott Wagner’s name.
The Result:
In a stunning upset, the York County businessman, taking a stand against the state’s political establishment of both parties, made state history by winning a special election for the Pennsylvania state Senate — in a write-in landslide, defeating both the Republican and Democrat nominees. Wagner’s victory was Political Media’s 100th electoral victory. Politics is about winning more than you lose, and we’ve done that at Political Media. We played a small, but important role in this election and we proved that we can lead a challenger with small odds to victory.

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